Snowfall Total Round up!

Well, that was fun. Everyone remember when we first saw snow in the models way back on October 21st in our post: What’s This? Halloween Tricks?

While not perfect, we’ve come a long way with weather forecasting despite the daily comments of  “it’s the only job you can be wrong half the time and keep your job”. For those folks, the pre-satellite era would have been fun! Regardless, here’s the extent of the snow on Halloween:

October 31 Snowfall

And locally. We had some 2 inch totals out of Lake County and close to it into Porter County. The rest was an inch or a half or less in the Region.

local snowfall

October snowfall ended like this across the US:

October Snowfall

And finally, we currently have 16.9% of the United States covered in snow. Last year that number was at 6.2%. The year before it was at 8.3%. It’s been over 15 years since we’ve seen this much snow on the ground in the lower 48 on November 1st. Amazing!

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