What’s This? Halloween Tricks?

Something showed up on the latest run of the Euro late today. Hopefully it’s a trick because it doesn’t look like a treat at all.

Wait for it. Wait for it.


Andddd that’s the white stuff.

Notice it’s at the very end of the model run–so I wouldn’t put a whole lot of stock in it. But we should put our weekly disclaimer on this, so here it is.

Disclaimer: It’s very early in the forecasting game to take this for truth. The models do a lot of flip-flopping 10 days from now–but sometimes they have the basic idea right…and in this case, we can say with confidence that there WILL be some sort of strong storm system that develops in and around the days of Halloween with snow on the backside and rain and wind on the front end. This has been consistent for the last few days.

Let’s just peek a little bit more. Here’s the system that creates the mess:


A strip of snowfall in Minnesota from system #1. The cold air arrives. Then system number #2 (our Halloweenish storm) bring moisture into our newly arrived cold air. Boom–snowfall.


We checked the Canadian model (which is rare) and it recognizes nothing even close to this storm. It does put down some decent snows to our north with another strong area of low pressure. (same system, different result)


And the GFS, which historically forecasts much more rain/snow than is present. It has nothing.


Our best bet at this point is to wait and see–just an interesting take on a potential storm system in and around Halloween which models have picked up on for awhile. We’ll keep you updated!

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