Meet Your Region Meteorologist


Meet Matt. He served as the Chief Meteorologist for Lakeshore News Tonight in Merrillville for nearly 6 years. When Lakeshore News Tonight aired its final broadcast, Matt realized the void that was left when local news in NW Indiana went away. Sure, Chicago news covered NW Indiana–but when it came to weather…it left a lot to be desired and still does to this day.

In 2009, Matt created the concept for Region Weather through his Facebook page. He would provide daily updates on local weather conditions. The endeavor grew by 2012 when Matt created the “Region Weather” we know today with a Facebook page dedicated only to NW Indiana weather. Over the years, the graphics and forecasts have grown into a full-blown weather operation as residents of “The Region” have grown to trust Matt and his NW Indiana forecasts.

During the severe weather event in February 2017, over 80,000 people in NW Indiana turned to Matt’s forecast during 4 hours of FB Live broadcasts–all aimed at keeping everyone safe during the severe weather.

2018 was a busy year. Region Weather began a partnership with Local 219, a new media company serving the Region. Region Weather has also opened up sponsorship opportunities to connect local businesses to Region residents in a fun and informative way–through the weather! We take pride in all things LOCAL and will stick to our roots in all that we do.

We’ll continue to provide accurate, trusted forecasts specific to NW Indiana–but we’ll take out the drama and flair and “keep it real” That’s what we’re about. And a big thank you to YOU for trusting Region Weather!