Latest NW Indiana Snowfall Totals

While it wasn’t much–it still isn’t fall. Winter continues its early start as this strong storm system wraps east through New England. We’re left with some chilly air on the back side with wind chills in the teens tonight into tomorrow morning: This storm produced New York City’s largest November snowfall since the late 1800s and Washington DC saw their first accumulating November snowfall since the 1990s. For us, we missed out on the potent part of the storm, but we still saw accumulating snow in the Region. Here are the latest official totals: Continue reading Latest NW Indiana Snowfall Totals

Thursday Evening Winter Storm Update

STORM SETUP: An area of low pressure will slide southeast through the Midwest and eventually the Ohio Valley bringing a narrow, but intense band of heavy, wet snowfall to portions of the Hoosier state. Some of us will see an impactful snow, while others won’t see a single flake! Here’s the latest: ALL OF THE DETAILS: (you can scroll down to the actual forecast if this isn’t your thing) I’ll start by showing you the overall set up and what the latest computer models are showing, and then we’ll show you our Region Weather forecast. Here’s the latest run of … Continue reading Thursday Evening Winter Storm Update