Wednesday Update: The Latest On Our Impactful Winter Storm Heading Our Way


Good Wednesday morning everyone! Expect a quiet day today with mild temps in the mid 30s as our south wind out ahead of this system gets going. Tomorrow (Thursday) is when we’ll begin to feel the impacts from this storm system. Let’s dive into the details:


Our key message continues–the STRONG WIND and RAPID TEMP DROP from the mid 30s to below zero Thursday are the biggest issues. This will lead to a flash freeze of anything liquid on area roads, decks, sidewalks, any outdoor surface. Snow will be secondary. There will be snow falling during this temp drop/strong wind development so conditions will go downhill quickly Thursday afternoon into Thursday evening.


This storm system isn’t going to waste any time getting through the Region. We mentioned during our broadcast yesterday that models earlier in the week had it doing a loop around the Great Lakes which kept the snow falling through Saturday. Now it looks to quickly move through without doing any loops–so the duration of moderate to heavy snow will be confined to the arctic front alone–so Thursday afternoon-Thursday night. By Friday the snow will be moving out in the morning and lake effect snow out east will be the main concern thereafter.


The wind and bitter cold will be enough to cause problems–combined with blowing and drifting snow, we’ll likely have ground blizzards, especially in our open countryside locations with highest impacts to north-south running roadways. Dangerously cold wind chills in the -25 to -30 degree range look likely Thursday evening through Christmas Eve.


Manageable and still in line with our initial snowfall forecast yesterday. A general 2-6 for everyone with the initial snowfall Thursday afternoon-evening. Additional lake effect snow in eastern Porter County and all of LaPorte County with totals up to a foot in northern LaPorte County and totals up to 10 inches in extreme northeastern Porter County.


This snow will be very light and fluffy making it easy to blow around and cause drifting snow. It will also be easy to shovel/snowblow, but the wind will likely cause problems filling your driveway back in once you do all the work. Winds subside Christmas Eve into Christmas Day.


Join us for a Region Weather LIVE broadcast later this evening to discuss and our usual Q&A regarding this storm system. See you then!

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