Storm Arrives Today: What To Expect Hour-By-Hour

Our winter storm arrives today, but we won’t begin to feel the impacts of this thing until the afternoon. If you have things you need to do, get them done before the 2-4pm because we’ll go downhill quickly with 3 things:

1. Temps Plummet | Temps will go from 35 to 0 in the matter of hours with wind chills in the -25 to -35 degree range by late tonight. Incredible cold with this storm system! Everything will turn to ice by late afternoon.

2. Strong Winds Develop | Winds will be light through midday, but once the arctic front hits, gusts over 40 mph will develop and continue all the way through Saturday. Blowing & drifting snow as well as power outages are possible.

3. Period of Heavy Snow | A round of heavy snow is expected with the arctic front and snow is expected to continue (in varying intensities) through tonight. 3-6 inches of widespread, wind-driven snow is expected for everyone, with additional accumulations in northeastern Porter and all of LaPorte counties through Sunday with totals over a foot likely there.

We’ll have updates as needed throughout the day!


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