Will The Cold Pattern Break In The Eastern US?

Sure, we’ve had some mild days, but the bulk of our April has been on the cool side. Here are the current April temps vs average. The blues, greens, and purples are areas where we’ve experienced cooler than average temps. Locally, our temps are running 2-3 degrees cooler (highs and lows combined) for the month. You can see the majority of the US has been running below average this month after a warm winter with the cold air originating in the arctic–the reason why the northern Plains have the largest drop from average. Brr! The upper air pattern is to … Continue reading Will The Cold Pattern Break In The Eastern US?

What A Difference A Year Makes

Yeah, these clouds stink. But it could be worse. Remember last year? Historic cold was descending on the lower 48 with record cold temps across a good majority of the Midwest and Great Lakes. Valparaiso had a morning low of -19 degrees! Look at the difference a year makes: We’re nowhere near those numbers this year, and really haven’t been yet this winter. Signs continue to point towards a cold spell once we get into the first few days of February: And a few storm systems are in the works for the next 7-10 days as well. We’ll chat more … Continue reading What A Difference A Year Makes