Will The Cold Pattern Break In The Eastern US?

Sure, we’ve had some mild days, but the bulk of our April has been on the cool side.

Here are the current April temps vs average. The blues, greens, and purples are areas where we’ve experienced cooler than average temps. Locally, our temps are running 2-3 degrees cooler (highs and lows combined) for the month.


You can see the majority of the US has been running below average this month after a warm winter with the cold air originating in the arctic–the reason why the northern Plains have the largest drop from average. Brr!

The upper air pattern is to blame as April has been characterized by a general ridge in the western US and a trough in the eastern US. The result are numerous storm systems that move southeast out of Canada bringing doses of cold air with them as they move through the Region.

The overall trend will continue through early May–below the blue areas indicate where troughs are likely to persist (vs average) and ridges (areas of yellow and orange) are likely.


Ah! But there’s some hope for warmer weather lovers! The upper air pattern over the next 10 days shows some changes…but just briefly. Look at the large ridge that develops in the west. It must come east…


And here it comes! Let’s look at surface temps (where we are!) compared to average later next week. Look at the dome of warmth in the west:


Here it comes!


This would be a late next week into next weekend arrival. Putting some numbers on the potential warmer air. Here’s Friday:


and Saturday:


Anyone like?

Just another look at the same info. These numbers are just model output, so don’t hold them for truth. What we look at is the TREND. Potentially nice and warm next weekend with a return to cooler than average temps thereafter.


Finally, just for kicks, here’s a look at the rainfall the rest of the month:


The southeastern US finally gets a break while the bulk of the action (between warm and cold) sets up in our neck of the woods. Look for a rather rainy, stormy pattern as we end April. Nothing out of the ordinary for this time of year. We’ll keep you posted!


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