Snowfall Forecast Through Friday

Our rainy, raw Wednesday is here. The good news is, we’ll remain all rain today as the coldest air remains to our west. Another wave of moisture will develop along this system later today in the Missouri Valley and will head northeast towards the Region.

This batch of rain and snow will accompany the final “push” with this system and will finally bring the colder air into NWI during the morning and midday hours Thursday. This will change any of our rain over to a rain/snow mix and then eventually a wet snow by Thursday afternoon into Thursday night. Not expecting a lot of snow with this locally, but we could end up with a slushy half inch to an inch with much higher amounts in a corridor west of Chicago!

Here’s the latest thinking in terms of accumulation the next two days. Keep in mind, our ground is still rather “warm” and some of this will melt. Highest chances for our forecasted half inch to an inch would be in Lake County.

We’ll keep you updated!


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