Scary Forecast: First Flakes Possible Halloween Night

When we posted about the potential for the first flakes of the season 7 days ago in What’s This? Halloween Tricks? we forewarned to take it with a grain of salt. Now it may be salt that we need to keep our sidewalks from getting slick. Here’s the latest on how our storm this week looks to play out.

COLD FRONT #1 is moving into the Region this evening with a few showers possible overnight, otherwise not much fanfare. This front will lay the foundation for system #2.

Our cool air will already be in place and another storm system (our Halloween storm) will develop with a strong area of low pressure to our south. This will spread rain our way Wednesday and Thursday. With colder temps in place (especially just to our west) that rain will likely be in the form of wet snow JUST west of Chicago. Should be all rain here through the day on Halloween.


Here’s what the GFS is saying:


Once this entire system heads through Halloween evening, we’ll see the wrap-around moisture move through. With falling temps, we’ll likely end as a period of wet flakes Halloween night into Friday morning before everything clears out by midday Friday.

Accumulations will be slushy to our west. We don’t see much to talk about locally, but areas of central and northern Illinois could see white on the ground before this storm departs. Take a look!


The snow-heavy GFS model seems a bit steep in terms of some of the totals, but given some of the heavy snow events this fall thus far, we can’t rule it out. This is more in line with what we’re seeing to our west–again, not much locally:


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