Record Heat Today

The dome of heat that plagued the western United States with 110+ degree temps and 130 degree temps in Death Valley, CA has shifted east and we’ll be well entrenched in the middle of it today and even tomorrow.

Today’s record high at the Porter County Airport stands at 93 degrees and we’ll likely reach that number and exceed it over much of the Region as we’re forecasting mid 90s. With a wind from the southwest, the lake won’t be providing much in the way of cooling today.

In terms of humidity, we won’t have a tropical airmass in place, but we’ll still feel humid with dewpoints generally in the mid 60s this afternoon. Combined with the temps, we’ll feel like 100-104 at times–in the shade. Expect hazy sunshine to continue throughout the day with thunderstorms staying well to our north. Stay hydrated and cool everyone!

Here’s our forecast:

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