Last Accumulating Snow of the Season?

An area of low pressure will head up from the southwest bringing an area of moisture into our currently colder airmass. The result will be a period of sloppy rain/wet snow, some of which will produce a slushy accumulation later Sunday into Sunday night and early Monday morning.


As you’d expect this time of year, we’ll be dealing with big ole wet snowflakes with this one and if the snowfall rate can be heavy enough–we’ll likely see some slushy accumulation, especially on elevated or grassy surfaces. Also helping “Team Accumulation” would be the fact we’ll see some snow at night (Sunday night) so the solar heating we get from the sun will be a non-factor. How much are we talking?

Not much, but some!

Here’s the forecast we like best:


The Euro:


The GFS:


The GEM:


We’re expecting a general 1-2 inches TO FALL, but remember, some of that will melt when it hits the ground. What we’ll likely end up with is a slushy accumulation–rather sloppy!

Will this be our last accumulating snowfall of the season?

Certainly could be if climatology has anything to say about it. Here are some quick stats:

Average last snowfall of 1 inch or greater: March 19th

Average last snowfall of 1/2 inch or greater: March 26th

Average last snowfall of a trace or greater: April 3rd

So we’re in the range and given the forecast over the next 7-10 days, we’ll be too warm for any additional snow the rest of the month as it looks right now. But we can still see snow in April (and even early May) although it becomes more rare with each passing day. Stay tuned!



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