Snow Possible Saturday

A friendly reminder: winter is still here

We still get snow.

Our temps fluctuate more and more this time of year as the battle between the colder air to the north and the warm, humid air to the south begins to set up. We definitely have that set up this week with bouts of 60s and brief periods of 30s/40s. This is Spring.

We’re watching a system this weekend that will bring an area of low pressure across the Missouri Valley into the Ohio Valley. There will be plenty of moisture available and as colder air moves in from the north on Saturday, we’re likely to have snow in Indiana as we reside on the northern side of the system.

Just how much? We’ve played this game before and you know the drill (and our motto). We don’t know yet. The meme with “0-100 inches” applies at this point. Just an early heads up that we could be dealing with some flakes this weekend!

Here’s an early look at the model guidance as of this afternoon (Tuesday).



Resulting snow:




Resulting snow:


The Canadian:


The resulting snow:


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