Drought Check

After a wet spring and early summer, we’ve gone dry around the Region and we’re now in a deficit in terms of yearly precip. Here are the numbers out of Valparaiso:

Precip this year: 24.87 inches

Average: 26.59 inches

Difference: -1.72 inches

Some areas of and the Midwest have it a bit worse on the dry scale including just south of South Bend, down towards Lafayette, central Illinois into portions of Iowa, and areas of Michigan.

The official drought monitor from last Thursday highlights areas that are “abnormally dry” and even in a moderate drought:20190903_Midwest_trd

A check of the next 7 days worth of precip from the Euro shows the majority of the rain falling from storms along that boundary that sets up just to our north:


Compared to average, a large portion of the US south of I-80 will be hot and dry over the next week:


It looks like our dry stretch will continue as long as that boundary (and storms) stays just to our north this week. We’ll see, but we could definitely use some rain around the Region! You can always check our updated Big Picture and 7 Day Forecast for the latest thinking and numbers over the next week.

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