Thoughts On Tonight’s Storms

A line of showers and storms along a strong cold front will continue to progress east overnight. This comes on the leading edge of cooler, drier air in the central and northern Plains. It’s coming, we just have to get through this line of storms first!RADAR1.gif

Or do we?

These storms have been strong to severe to our west and northwest, but will begin to encounter air that isn’t quite as unstable over the Region as it has been to our west. Here’s the look at what the HRRR model does to our storms.


The storms completely fade overnight before reaching the Region. I do think there’s some credibility to this idea as the line is moving east, but the individual storms are moving northeast and taking their time progressing our way. This will bring the line through during the early morning hours (least amount of heating) and into our slightly more stable (but still unstable) airmass.

The result should be a decaying line of showers and storms. I think our severe threat is very low given the timing–but I still think we’ll see some overnight rain and perhaps a few rumbles.

Cooler, drier air sets in Friday after some morning clouds and lingering humidity! Perfect timing!

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