Leaf Spots?

Leaf Spots

Many of you have noticed and commented to us about what looks like brown spots on your tree leaves around the back yard. These are leaf spot diseases that have reported on my different types of trees in the Region including maple, oak, beech and hickory trees.

No need to worry! These spots are more cosmetic than destructive in the short term and are a result of the heavy rainfall we received during the Spring and Summer months this year.

Leaf spots make it difficult for trees to complete their photosynthesis process (or how trees make the food they need from carbon dioxide and water). The result is the leaves eventually turn brown and fall off the tree prematurely. This is probably what you have been seeing, especially during our recent dry spell.

We are told the leaves will be fine when they bloom again next year. However, several years of repeated heavy rainfalls and high heat will eventually weaken a tree and could cause more catastrophic damage.

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