Warmer Tone To Mid-September

There’s no question it’s been a manageable summer around here with only a few brief flings with summer heat and a pretty tame storm season. The last few days have been seasonably cool around the Region and the entire Midwest for that matter!

Here are the temperatures compared to average. Green and blues are below average and reds and oranges are above average. Notice much of the eastern US has been on the cool side with the largest departures in the central and northern Plains:


We’ll likely turn a bit warmer next week with the approach of a stronger cold front that looks to bring a large dose of heat to much of the eastern half of the US. Here are the next 10 days worth of temps compared to average:


And even the following week looks to be a bit warm:


In terms of rainfall, we look to be right around average with heavier rains from Iowa through the north woods and another area of heavy rains from Dorian:


While not every day looks warm the next two weeks, it will definitely be a different tone than what we’ve seen recently. Pumpkin spiced drinks are still okay to have around…


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