North American Snow Cover

North America set a new snow cover record during the fall breaking the previous record set back in 2014:

The next few weeks look cold and snowy across a good majority of the eastern US. You’d expect this for January, but we’re likely to tap into another blast of very cold air later this month-perhaps colder than what we’re expecting Sunday and Monday. Time will tell! Here is forecast snowfall through February 1st. Don’t pay attention to amounts–just trends–look at the strip of snow from not one, but two potential snowstorms:

The next month and a half shows some beneficial snows for the west coast and Rocky Mountains and a real healthy dose of snow for the northeastern US–playing catch up for the snow they lacked in December:

Our trend for winter snow cover in North America has been up since the 1960s as well and that trend looks to continue after what could end up as a brutal end to January.

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