Midwestern Winter Storm Sunday

A quick, but potent storm system will move through portions of the Midwest and Great Lakes Sunday into Monday bringing rain, wind, and the potential for heavy accumulating snow. It doesn’t look to be a large storm geographically, but those that fall in or around the path of the low pressure will likely deal with windy conditions and the potential for heavy rain and/or snow. Let’s get up to speed with the latest.

An area of low pressure will move from the Pacific Northwest into the central Plains and is expected to strengthen late Saturday. Snow will develop on the northern periphery of the low in Nebraska and South Dakota becoming heavy at times early Sunday:

The storm then begins to track northeast bringing heavy snow to the north of the low and rain on the south and eastern side as the warmer air wraps into the system. Most models keep us on the warmer side by 40-80 miles:

The low then heads into the Great Lakes and colder air wraps into the Region later Sunday with any rain changing to snow before ending:

We would avoid the heaviest snow with this solution with only a trace to an inch at best. That would be all fine and dandy but a few other models bring this low further south which would bring the heavier snow much closer to the Region! For example, the Euro:

While this paints a stretch of 4-8 inches somewhere in the Region, it ALL depends on the track of the low pressure (how many times have you heard that? Well it’s true!). This storm is still out over the ocean and hasn’t had a good sample of weather observations yet–but tonight and tomorrow as it heads inland, we should see a much better read of where this system will go and in turn–the results!

Stay tuned to this one! For now, we know areas of the Midwest from Nebraska to Iowa to Illinois to Wisconsin are likely to see impactful winter travel Sunday. Just how far south this impactful travel moves is the question!

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