Garden-Soaking Rain Likely Late Week

Some of us have seen good soaking rains in the past few days…some of us have not. I think we ALL get in on the rainfall Friday and Saturday as a swirling area of low pressure slowly works through the Region. Here’s a look at the day-by-day breakdown as of now:

The bulk of the rainfall from this slow moving system will likely be just east of us where models indicate several inches could fall by the beginning of next week (yellow shading)…but I think we still have a good chance at decent rainfall.


Noticeably absent the last two days has been the humidity! It will make a return though as this swirling low pulls that Gulf of Mexico moisture northward. We’ll creep into the uncomfortable category in terms of humidity through the weekend.


And finally a look at how the humidity looks on the map–notice the dry air in place now:


And how those winds pull that moisture into the system late week:


And next week it sticks with us (no pun intended):


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