A Quick Look At Temps & Rainfall The Next 10 Days

Our cooler end to July will likely carry into the beginning of August with 90 and 100 degree heat staying south and west of the Region. We’ll, on average, remain in a northwest flow over the next week. This cuts off the heat from the south and brings us relatively cool air for the end of July–70s and some 80s. temps.PNG

This air is also drier as the Gulf of Mexico moisture often stays south or east of the Region. Given our recent dry conditions (big picture), it looks like we’ll need to continue to water our gardens and lawns if we want them to stay on the green side. Here’s where the rain may fall over the next 7 days–majority of it will be along the east coast with another area in drought-stricken Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. Notice the dry trend over our area:


And this maps shows where above average and below average rain is expected over the next 10 days.


There are signs showing the worst of the summer heat is already behind us–but it’s a bit early to have a lot of confidence in that idea as we still have plenty of heat opportunities in August, September, and even October around these parts!

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