Let’s Talk Next Warm Up!

The spring that wasn’t continues in the Region and we’ve logged another day with high temps in the 30s. Sick of the 30s? I did some quick research and here’s what I found:

In the last 20 years, we’ve only had 2 years with a high temp in the 30s beyond today’s date! (outside of next fall/winter) Most recently in 2005 when it only reached 37 on April 23rd and in 2001 when it reached 39 on April 17th. All that to say, we’re ALMOST THERE!

Chicago averages their last high temp in the 30s on April 6th. It’s been as late as May 10th though…

So, in trying to stay positive–let’s search the next 10 days for another taste of spring.

By mid week, our cold air will be leaving behind that giant storm system. We’ll see another system slide just to our south but it should bring a bubble of slightly warmer air to the Region. Perhaps 50–but if it goes any further north…look at the 60s and 70s just to our south! (not likely to reach us)


It gets better from there! By Saturday, the jetstream splits and allows a large region of mild air (not warm or hot, just mild) to spill its way north and east through the Midwest. This should allow us to return to average in the 50s to near 60. See that cold spot in Iowa? That’s likely to occur because of the deeper snowpack left from this last winter storm. Once it melts, they’ll warm too.


Beyond that, the warm air looks to linger into early next week. The jetstream will become rather active up in Canada which may lead to another temp plunge later next week–but we could have a multiple day stretch with temps in the 60s at least. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Here’s next Monday’s potential temps:Next Monday

And next Tuesday:

Next Tuesday

These blasts of cold air won’t survive much longer–the April (and eventually May) sun angle helps zap these cold airmasses that easily make it into the lower 48 during the winter and early spring months. We’re ALMOST done everyone! That is, outside of cold lake breezes in May…

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