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Well look who finally decided to come join the party. We mentioned it several days ago HERE but it’s looking even more likely today. After one of the coldest starts to the month of April on record, we’ll finally get a brief taste of spring beginning Wednesday and going through Saturday.


A large area of low pressure will develop in the central Plains bringing a surge of warmer, more humid air into the Region. This low will be a slow-mover, allowing us to have multiple days of spring-like warmth before colder air wraps in to begin next week. Let’s look at these beautiful temps.

Wednesday’s Potential Highs:


Thursday’s Potential Highs:


Friday’s Potential Highs:


Notice the sharp line between 70s and 80s and 30s and 40s on Friday. This indicates a strong storm system–which we will have in the center of the US!

A local look at potential temps Wednesday:


And Thursday:


And Friday:


At this point it doesn’t look like severe weather will be an issue as it often is this time of year–but we’ll need to closely monitor the risk for storms Friday into Saturday as the front moves through the Region.

Until then, get out and enjoy the spring-like weather! Finally.

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