Everything You Need To Know About Our Last Snowfall Of The Season

You hear me Mother Nature? We’re done. With this. Last one. Okay?

History is on my side. Our average last accumulating snowfall over the last 130 years is April 3rd. The earliest date we said goodbye to the snow was February 28th! The bad news is, we’ve seen snow in May before…not often…but it’s happened. Our most recent May snowfall was in 1989 on May 6th. Snow has fallen as late as May 11th.

But we’re done. With this. (despite a potential cold spell to end April, fingers crossed)

So let’s joyfully take a look at Old Man Winter’s last hoorah…

A quick-moving, but potent “clipper” is racing south and east out of the northern Plains. This system is POTENT with numerous reports of heavy snow with lightning. This can be rather common with April storm systems as the extra “heating” from the higher sun angle can help create thunderstorm-like characteristics within these bands of snow. Here’s what it looks like as of this morning:

The Setup.PNG

Locally, clouds will continue to thicken and precip will move in after lunchtime. Given our temps above freezing, we’ll likely start as some rain showers.

2pm Today

As colder air begins to wrap in on the backside of this system, we’ll see a gradual changeover to some wet snow, best chances are the further north and west you are located. It will likely start in Whiting up into Chicago. Your evening rush doesn’t look too bad.

6pm Today

Beyond the evening rush is where it gets interesting as we’ll lose our daylight and our falling temps will likely change all the rain over to a wet, April-ish snow. We’ll see isolated spots with bursts of wet snow that may add a quick coating.

10pm Today

As we head past midnight into early Thursday, it should be all snow and will begin to move out. Roads could be slick for our third shift workers heading out. Road salt, etc should still be working just fine–but if we see any heavier snowfall rates, we will likely encounter slick spots.

3am Thursday

Overall accumulations will be heaviest north and west of the Region. Areas of Minnesota and Iowa could see over a half foot of snow! For us, it doesn’t look like a whole lot. I’m going with a general 1-3 inches with some of us only picking up a coating. It will all melt Thursday so if you sleep in, you may not even notice it! Here’s my forecast:

Snowfall Forecast

Beyond this, we still look to warm up nicely with temps returning to the 50s and even 60s this weekend into the beginning of next week. While there are signs we have another cold snap to end April–I’m telling Mother Nature now that we’re done with the snow after this and will transition to spring activities…

As always, thanks for trusting Region Weather for your NW Indiana forecasts!



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