More Record Heat, Blast of Fall Next Weekend


As of Saturday night, we’ve officially set a new record high in Valparaiso 4 days in a row and we’ve set a record high 7 out of the last 9 days. This includes a high temperature of 95 degrees the last two days! Keep in mind, records in Valparaiso officially began in 1997, but it’s still an impressive streak! Here’s the breakdown:


Friday, September 15th: 86 degrees

Saturday, September 16th: 89 degrees

Sunday, September 17th: 92 degrees

Wednesday, September 20th: 91 degrees

Thursday, September 21st: 94 degrees

Friday, September 22nd: 95 degrees

Saturday, September 23rd: 95 degrees

We’ll likely break the record of 92 degrees Sunday and the record of 86 degrees on Monday before our ridge of warmth begins to break down Tuesday and Wednesday. Then we turn fall-like! Here are the details on that…


As we’ve come to learn here in NW Indiana–if you’re not happy with the weather, just wait a few days and it’s likely to change. That’s especially true as we enter October. Like clockwork, we have a BIG pattern change on the way late week. Take a look:

We have a large ridge over the eastern half of the US right now, so warm, Gulf air is allowed to flow all the way to the Canadian border–bringing us highs in the 90s. A sharp change is happening behind a front to our west with 40s and 50s for highs in the Dakotas to the Rockies. This airmass isn’t heading our way quite yet. See picture below:


By mid-week, the cold front to our west begins to push east, but starts to stall as it runs into our big ridge of high pressure (and a strong tropical system off the east coast). We’ll turn cooler as this front washes out, but the REAL cool, fall-like air will linger well to our northwest. See picture below:


Things start to change late in the week as another low pressure develops to our north and swings a strong cold front down from Canada. Behind this front–a real sharp taste of Fall with highs in the 40’s and 50’s. We’ll try and squeak in another mild day Thursday before the front arrives. See picture below:


Cold air LOVES to push south in October and that’s exactly what it will do. By next weekend we’re talking temps in the 50s and 60s with breezy conditions. Overnight lows will likely drop into the 40s. We’ll also be dealing with some lake effect showers for a period of time–details will still need sorted out. Overall, it will feel much more like fall (and football season!) around the Region!

The cooler air will last for a few days, but a brief warm-up is possible beyond next weekend. Still a long way away, and regionweather will be keeping you updated!

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