Seasonably Cold Tonight

Clouds will stick around tonight out ahead of our next storm system already gathering steam in the eastern Rockies and southern Plains. This system will bring us another soaking rainfall late Wednesday into early Thursday before some colder air moves in behind it. Temps will dip down into the low 30s tonight and head up to near 40 for our Wednesday as that rain moves in.



  1. Matt,

    We have to travel out of town for a funeral in Nebraska. Leaving rhis Saturday (1/21), funeral is Monday (/23), supposed to head back home next Thursday (1/26). What’s the travel weather looking like? I’m worried about the drive there and back and getting caught in any snowstorms.

    In appreciation,
    Jennifer Potter


    • Hi Jennifer—happy to help! Nebraska will get nailed with snow today but should be better by the time you head out Saturday—another system may bring some snow Sunday into Monday, but the worst should be east of you so manageable! By the middle of next week, there will be another strong storm system that hits the eastern US, but will have to keep an eye on it to see how far west the snow stretches. Overall it looks okay for you as of now but these storms and their tracks need watched the next few days. Hope this helps!


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