Improving Wind Chills Saturday

How are you holding up? We’re almost through this bitter cold and wind. We’ve picked up a general 2-5 inches of snow although most of it is in a drift against your house. Just in time for Santa to visit the Region, our wind and wind chills will begin to back off during the day Saturday. It will continue to be brutally cold until then with wind chills values in the -25 to -35 range overnight.

Here’s the good news! Improvement is expected for our Christmas Eve:


It’s not incredibly heavy, but the snow is still falling east in LaPorte and portions of Porter County with addition amounts adding to the already existing blowing and drifting problems. Treacherous travel will continue overnight for those locations with very little improvement Saturday with the continued lake snows and wind. By Christmas Eve, we may begin to see some improvement as winds back off just a tad and our snow showers become more disorganized.

Elsewhere it’s just icy and downright cold. We’ll bounce out of this later next week–more on the warm up over the next few days!


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