Today’s Storm System: What To Expect

A powerful storm system will work through the Region over the next 24 hours bringing strong, gusty winds, some rain and thunder, and a big temp drop tonight. Let’s break it down for you:


We’ll stay dry for much of our Tuesday, but clouds will thicken up and rain will develop this afternoon. We’ll likely hear a few rumbles of thunder as the cold front approaches as well! This will be nothing compared to the expected tornado outbreak in the Mississippi and Tennessee Valleys today–a big severe weather day for them with this same storm system.


As this low pressure gets going, winds will turn quite gusty. Gusts over 45 mph are possible at times today with windy conditions continuing into the early portion of our Wednesday. Those new Christmas decorations you put out? May want to make sure they’re staked down so the neighbors don’t end up with your reindeer.


We’re on the warm side of things today with highs expected to push well into the upper 50s to near 60! We’ll hold those temps late this evening until the cold front passes around midnight or so. From there temps tank into the upper 20s by Wednesday morning and we stay cold Wednesday and Thursday. A concern of ours is a flash freeze of any of the rainwater that falls later today. Bridges, desks, sidewalks, etc could all have some ice Wednesday morning so please take note!

Take a look at our hour-by-hour temps today through tomorrow morning:


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