Monday Update On This Week’s Impressive Winter Storm

The model guidance is in and we’ve seen an ever-so-slight shift north and west with the axis of heaviest snowfall with this system. This puts northwest and north central Indiana right in the crosshairs of highest totals. While this may shift slightly over the next 24-36 hours, guidance has been very consistent with how this system evolves and we continue to be on the snowy, check that, VERY snowy side of this multi-day storm system.

As discussed on our previous few Region Weather LIVE broadcasts, we’re expecting rain to develop Tuesday and switch over to a wet snow late Tuesday into Tuesday night. Snow will continue with varying intensities all the way through Thursday night and early Friday. Arctic air follows this system so we’ll keep the snow around for the weekend as we try to clean up.

You know we’re not about hype at Region Weather, but this system looks impressive. It’s not a typical snowstorm that moves through quickly in a 12-18 hour period. The duration of this system is what will cause problems with snowfall expected for a 48-60 hour stretch. At times it will be heavy and this will cause cascading problems as we move through the day Wednesday into Thursday.

Totals will still shift up and down a bit and the track could still fluctuate by 20-30 miles…so we’re not ready to agree to the amounts yet. But we can say with confidence much of the Region will see 6+ inches of snow with the potential for 12+ inches looking likely. Amounts above 18 are certainly in the likelihood of possibilities–but the WHERE remains in question. As of now it’s looking like Newton and Jasper counties, but this may change with a very important afternoon suite of model runs.

The Euro as of Monday morning:

The GFS isn’t too far off:

We’ll have an update via Region Weather LIVE later today once the afternoon model runs come in and then we can start to put some numbers on this. Regardless of numbers, it’s the IMPACTS that matter and this certainly looks to be an impactful storm.


-Stock up, hunker down.

-Reschedule plans Wednesday-Friday

If you must travel, prepare your vehicle by

-Fill up with gas

-Emergency Kit in car along with flashlight, snacks, warm blanket

-Keep cell phones and devices charged

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