Winter Storm Potential Next Week

If you’ve been joining us on our Region Weather LIVE broadcasts this past week over on our Facebook Page, you’re well aware that we have the potential for a large, multi-day winter storm across a good portion of the eastern US.

A cold front charging in from the north with meet up with a strong return flow of warmer, humid air out of the Gulf of Mexico resulting in a elongated area of moderate to heavy precip stretching from Colorado to Maine. Heavy snow will pile up on the northwest side of this boundary with an ice storm in between and heavy rain and potentially severe weather on the warmer side.

Model guidance has remained consistent in keeping us on the colder side of things after that frontal passage Tuesday. This would keep us all snow at this point with the amount of snow varying greatly amongst the models. We’ve talked about the “sweet spot” during past storms–that location where the rain and ice first changes over to snow-that area typically receives the heaviest snow that can really add up. Especially over multiple days! As of today (Saturday morning), that “sweet spot” cuts right through central Indiana on the Euro and more towards the Region in the GFS.

If you haven’t been around Region Weather very long–we PREACH that it’s way too early to put amounts of this. This storm could shift east and keep us relatively snow-free. This storm could shift west and bring us ice and rain. Shifts in the track of the low WILL happen over the next few days and that will greatly impact how this storm impacts us!

For now, here are some of the numbers showing the potential of this storm on the snowfall front–someone will be picking up some real decent snow with this one. Here are the model runs as of Saturday:




Take a look at the ice accumulation potential:

And the sleet. Oh the sleet!

Timing on this would be Tuesday night into Wednesday through Friday–quite a long duration event. Again, if this shifts east this would not be a very impactful storm. For now we need to put the timeframe in our minds and consider how our plans and schedules would be impacted during those days if this were to come to fruition 🙂 And as always, we’ll have updates for you right here and on our Facebook Page including LIVE coverage over the next few days. Stay tuned!

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