Lake Effect Snow Late Wednesday Into Thursday

Our next arctic front will drop southeast across the Great Lakes late Wednesday bringing falling temps and a return to wind chills below zero.

This dose of cold air over our still relatively warmer lake waters will kick off lake effect snow–first in lower Michigan and then as winds pivot to more of a northwestly and even northerly direction at times, the snow should transition to northwest Indiana. We’re primarily thinking Porter, Starke, and LaPorte counties with this one.

At a preliminary glance, this would probably be a 3-6 inch snow at best where that main band sets up (favoring LaPorte Co) with 2-4 possible in Porter (highest amounts eastern county) and perhaps some minor accumulations in eastern Lake and northern Jasper counties.

We’ll finetune these numbers over the next 24 hours, but wanted to give a heads up on a potential–not major, but respectable lake effect event.

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