Wind Shift, Temp Drop Along The Lake Late Today

Happy Sunday everyone! We’ll see a mix of clouds and some sunshine today along with a few showers and isolated storms that bubble up during the heating of the day. Highs will reach into the low to mid 80s across the Region.

A frontal boundary to our north will send a gush of cooler air and a wind shift down the length of Lake Michigan. This cooler air and wind shift is usually accompanied by some fog as the cooler lake air meets up with the warmer, humid air of land. While this won’t be a huge event, it is something to note for those along the Lake, Porter, and La Porte County coastlines and those a few miles inland as well. This all looks to happen later this evening after dinner-time. Temps will tumble from the 80s into the 60s before the air relaxes tonight and everyone settles into the 60s.

Take a look at the cooler air spilling south along the lake (also known as a pneumonia front)

Early Sunday afternoon:

Late Sunday Afternoon:

Sunday Evening:

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