Late Season Snow Tuesday Night

Spring is going to take a little break before returning next week. A strong cold front will bring unseasonably cold air to the majority of the eastern US over the next few days with high temps expected to be anywhere from 15 to 30 degrees below average.

At the same time, an area of low pressure will develop along the frontal boundary and with plenty of moisture and cold air already in place–a widespread swath of snow will develop and put down a heavy, wet accumulation for a good portion of the Missouri and Ohio Valleys.

While this won’t be a blockbuster storm by any means, we’ll likely see some decent snowfall rates which can cause short-term problems. Oh and also, it’s snow. We’ll let the strong April sunshine take care of the rest (melting, etc).

For us locally, we’re expecting a coating to a few inches of wet snow Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. We’ll finetune the numbers over the next 24 hours, but for now, just wanted to plant the seed that we’ll see some wintry weather Tuesday into Wednesday.

Speaking of seeds, we’ll also see a hard freeze Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, so any plants you’ll want to keep this Spring will need to be covered or brought inside for a night. We know you had that early green thumb when it was warm!

Stay tuned for updates right here and on our Facebook page.

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