Two Rounds of Stronger Winds Heading Our Way

A series of low pressure systems will move through the Great Lakes bringing two rounds of windy conditions to the Region.

The first round will be today into early tonight with winds gusting over 30 mph at times. A more substantial low will develop in Texas today and race towards the Ohio Valley. This low pressure system will be responsible for another severe weather outbreak across Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama while bringing just rain and a few gusty thunderstorms to our area. While we’ll have to watch for the severe potential locally, the bigger threat will be downstate where better ingredients are in play. We’ll still see some heavy downpours from this system as we discussed on Sunday night during our Region Weather LIVE broadcast.

Either way the second round of wind will arrive Thursday night into Friday morning with gusts over 40 mph possible as the low REALLY ramps up over Indiana and Ohio. The low will quickly depart bringing a rather quick end to the wind as we head into Friday afternoon and evening.

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