Rain & Wind Move In


Our weather is about to turn RAW around the Region beginning tonight through the day Thursday as a strong area of low pressure moves through the Ohio Valley. On the southern end, a major tornado outbreak is likely with the first high risk issued in 2 years for portions of the Deep South.

For us, we’re on the rainy and chilly side of things…just be thankful our temps aren’t a bit colder because this would be a big snowstorm!


We’ll see clouds increase throughout the day today (Wednesday) with some rain chances later in the day towards evening as this system begins to move in. Winds will pick up a bit today with gusts over 20 mph possible by evening. Highs will reach the upper 40s.

Rain moves in tonight and continues through the day Thursday. We’ll likely see some bursts of moderate to heavier rain at times. The wind will ramp up as well when this low pressure really begins to deepen to our south. The wind will gust over 40 mph at times out of the east and then turn to the northeast creating lakeshore flooding and large waves on Lake Michigan. Between the rain, wind, and temps that will be falling through the 30s Thursday–it’s shaping up to be a raw, nasty day in all transparency!


We could use the rain as we’ve had a very dry start to the month of March. It looks like we’ll make up that deficit as anywhere from 1-2 inches of rain is possible tonight-Thursday night. Flooding isn’t likely, but ponding of water on roads etc is a guarantee if you’re out and about Thursday.

The low will gradually depart Friday with winds subsiding but cool temps remaining. As high pressure builds in this weekend, we will set the stage for a fantastic stretch of sunshine and spring-like temps this weekend into the beginning of next week!

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