Sloppy Snow Moves In Later Today

Say goodbye to the picturesque landscape. Our fluffy, beautiful snowpack will turn quite messy by tonight. A potent area of low pressure will move through the Region later today bringing a brief round of sloppy, wet snow to the area with some potential for rain to mix in as well.

The potential is there for a few bursts of heavier wet snow in the mix this evening. Despite temps that will be above freezing for the first time in days, we could see heavier snowfall rates that would overcome the temps and create some slick travel this evening into tonight.

Keep in mind, that ground has been incredibly cold as of late, so despite wet snow and even some rain falling, we’ll likely see conditions ice up on untreated surfaces due to that cold ground temp.

On a scale of 1-10 in terms of storm impacts, this one will fall around a 4. Very manageable, but several tricky hours this evening into tonight. Let’s time it out:

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