Buried! Region Snowfall Totals Sunday Through Today

It’s been a February to remember as the snow and cold has seemed relentless so far with multiple lake effect events and our more recent storm system dropping more than a foot of snow for some bringing our Region snow depths to well over 20 inches in spots. Here are the official totals of new snowfall for the Region including Sunday’s lake effect and the winter storm/lake effect combo on Monday into today:

Valparaiso 18.0 in

Chesterton 15.0 in

St. John 14.4 in

Gary 13. 8 in

Porter 13.7 in

Munster 12.3 in

Crown Point 12.3 in

Ogden Dunes 11.3

Lakes of the Four Seasons 11.0 in

Remington 9.5 in

Rensselaer 9.5 in

Collegeville 9.2 in

Boone Grove 8.5 in

DeMotte 8.2 in

Roselawn 7.0 in

Mount Ayr 5.3 in

Don’t see your town? Send us a report and we’ll forward to the National Weather Service! Contact us here or in Facebook Messenger!

We have more snow on the way with our Thursday storm system. We’ll bring you an update on that later tonight over on our Facebook Page.


    • Hi Heather! We didn’t receive any reports from Dyer, thus they didn’t make the list. If you’re up for taking a measurement in a non-snowdrift location, feel free to send us your report 🙂


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