Saturday Snow Then Frigid Cold


Our quick-hit of fluffy snow will move through the Region Saturday afternoon into Saturday night before moving east and leaving us with our most potent shot at bitter cold so far this winter.


Not a lot of snow with this as we’ve mentioned the last few days, but a general 1-3 inches is expected.


The problem is that our temps are cold enough for road treatment, etc to not work quite as effectively, so roads will likely become slippery as all the snow will accumulate with little to no melting expected. The snow will also be fluffy (with little moisture content) so it’ll easy blow around creating reduced visibilities and tricky travel in rural locations.

Bitter cold works into the Region tonight with temps heading towards 0 and wind chills in the -15 to -25 degree range at times Sunday morning.

We’ll keep you updated on anything else you’ll need to know!

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