Lingering Snow Showers Today

Well, that was fun. Attached you’ll see the radar loop of the evolution of this storm system as it moved through. Notice the amount of dry air that worked into the southern edge of this storm–aka from central Illinois into the Region with a less consistent snow even for northern Illinois.

The big winners in terms of snowfall stretched from Iowa into Wisconsin with 8-15 inches–but for us here in the Region this was certainly an under-acheiver in terms of snowfall. (Another reason why we preach IMPACT vs totals) We will see more snow showers activity today as this system curls through–likely bringing some lake effect snow through Wednesday as we’ve discussed the last few days.

We’ll see if we can squeak into our lower end snowfall range with the snow today, otherwise we’ll see the COLD set in and help continue the lake effect flurries and snow showers through Thursday with highs struggling to reach 30 the next few days!

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