Saturday Update On Our Winter Storm

Happy weekend to you everyone! As we cautioned the last few days, the track of this storm will continue to change and as of today the models still don’t have great agreement in terms of the exact track. (the storm is still 2000 miles away). The track will continue to change.

There is a bit of a northward shift in the latest runs, but a few models still keep the heaviest snow south. You’ll see forecasts that are all over the place right now as a result and we’ve seen anywhere from 5-10 inches to only a few inches with ice potential.

I like the slight northward shift idea in the models this morning, but we’ll get a better read with Saturday afternoon’s model run and will take a close look at it and adjust the forecast accordingly.

Region Weather always focuses on IMPACTS over amounts as that’s what really matters. As of now, this is what we’re thinking in terms of IMPACTS:

ALL of northwest Indiana still has the potential to see accumulating snow from this (some models agree), but we’re leaning more towards more of a wintry mix solution for a good portion of us. I think the northern half of Lake, Porter, and LaPorte counties stand the best chance at mainly snow (and heavy) with this event with dramatically lesser amounts as you head south.


We’ll put out another update later today (Saturday) and feel free to stop by for a Region Weather LIVE broadcast late this evening on our Facebook Page.

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