Sunshine Continues, But Big Changes In The Extended

Happy Fall! The gorgeous, quiet weather pattern will continue over the next few days with sun-filled days and cool, crisp nights. We are starting to warm things up as the high pressure responsible for our weather the last few days begins to shift east. We’ll begin to add some humidity today as well, but nothing crazy.

You know we can’t have this nice weather forever, especially in the Region. As we welcome in the first weekend of Fall, we’ll see some active weather develop in the western US that will translate into the central Plains and Midwest. The upper levels of the atmosphere tell the story as a large dip in the jetstream is expected to develop helping to stir up a series of storm systems that each bring a dose of cooler, Canadian air south into the Great Lakes.

In simple terms, next week looks cool and wet. In terms of temperatures, a good portion of the eastern US will go below average (see graphic below) and that pattern may hold for awhile into October as it looks right now.

Time will tell. Until then, enjoy the wonderful weather because we know things will change before we know it!

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