Great Space Station Flyovers Next 4 Nights

The International Space Station will present some GREAT flyovers, not just tonight, but over the next few nights and mainly clear skies should provide some good viewing. If you’ve never viewed it before, it will look like a small, but solid bright light that moves at a consistent speed up through the sky. Some people confuse it for an airplane, but as of now, there are no blinking lights on the space station 🙂 Here are the details:

TONIGHT (Thursday Night)


When? 7:13-7:18pm

Appears: South-Southwest Sky

Fades: East-Northeast Sky


When? 8:03-8:08pm

Appears: West-Southwest Sky

Fades: Northeast Sky


When? 7:14-7:20pm

Appears: Southwest Sky

Fades: Northeast

Happy viewing and feel free to pass along any pictures to our Region Weather Facebook page found here.

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