Great Space Station Flyover Tonight

Set your alarm and look to the skies tonight (hoping you get a break in the high clouds where you live) as we’ll have one of the better space station flyovers at 9:59pm SHARP! (central). Here are the details:


It will appear in the NORTHWEST SKY at 9:59pm and travel up across the sky reaching a peak of 58 degrees from the horizon (up above us).

It will fade in the EASTERN sky at 10:01pm, so it’s a quick 2-minute flyover.

If you need help, draw a mental line from the northwest to the east when you go outside and look for a tiny, but bright dot that moves consistently across the sky. That’s the International Space Station!

We can view it quite often in the Region, but it’s not very common to have a great flyover that goes as high in the sky (from our point of view) like tonight’s passing.

We DO have high clouds floating over the Region–but there are a few breaks in spots. Hopefully those spots are right over your yard. You can thank the storms to our west for the messy skies.


We have one of the best flyover’s of the year on the way this weekend! We’ll detail that when we get a bit closer to the date! (to save you the forgetfulness)

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