Severe Storms Possible Today

A complicated weather set up today as a decaying complex of storms is currently moving through Iowa with scattered downpours out ahead of it including here in the Region.
It all depends on what happens with the shower and storm activity you see between here and Iowa. If that holds together, our severe weather threat will be lower because the atmosphere will have less time to recover. If it begins to fade and we get some sunshine, our threat increases for additional storm development later this evening. 
Here’s one idea of how everything plays out:
Our primary threat would be damaging winds, likely with a squall line of storms that rolls through the Region. We’d also have to watch for a flood threat as any storms that do develop will produce very heavy rain. Timing would favor later this evening–but again, that all hinges on us clearing out for a bit this afternoon! For now, just know we have a threat of severe storms later today into tonight. 
Stay tuned! We’ll keep you updated!

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