Rainfall Roundup: Region Totals

Our low pressure system continues to slowly depart with lingering showers still possible throughout the day before drier air moves in. Last night, a large area of moderate to heavy rain developed on the back side of the low producing a widespread 1-2 inches of rain mainly in Lake and Newton counties up through northeastern Illinois including Chicago. Here’s a radar recap:


It was a rainy 48 hours as this system moved through–look at the widespread heavy rain that fell with 1-2 inches across most of NWI:


In terms of local totals, here are some Region radar estimates:

Lake Village 2.05 in

De Motte 1.85 in

Wheatfield 1.79 in

Merrillville 1.64 in

Valparaiso 1.59 in (actual total)

Hobart 1.55 in

Hammond 1.48 in

Portage 1.14 in

Michigan City 0.91 in

La Porte 0.73 in





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