Snow Continues Today

So far so good. While the low pressure is still getting going and will really crank up this afternoon–it will likely be too little too late for us here in the Region as this storm has been rather ho-hum. Although the snow has been steady, temps have remained near freezing and impacts have been minimal.

Snow will continue today at a steady clip before gradually diminishing later today. Some lake effect snow may develop on the back side of this storm, but it should be brief before winds quickly shift bringing lake effect snow into southwest lower Michigan.

Expect another 1-3 inches during the day today and as temps remain steady or slowly fall, we may encounter some slick spots on untreated surfaces as the air gets a bit colder. But through this morning, we’ve seen very minimal travel issues due to our air temps remaining near freezing and snowfall amounts generally on the light side.

Colder air arrives tonight and tomorrow and we’ll see below average temps over the next few days!


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