Quick Burst of Snow Today

It’s not about the snowfall amount today, it’s about the impact.

A quick-moving storm system will zip through the Region today bringing a burst of heavier snow that changes to some light rain and drizzle later today before ending. We won’t see impressive snowfall accumulations by any means, likely just an inch or two at best, but it will fall very quickly.

Roads are likely to slicken up quickly, despite being treated, and travel may temporarily be tricky. The good news is that our atmosphere will warm above us and snow will change over to all liquid later today helping to quickly improve our potentially slushy conditions.

Here’s what the radar will look like as we go throughout your Sunday:


How much snow? This is an example of the low end of the spectrum (half inch to an inch):


and here’s an example of the higher end of the spectrum:


Our forecast remains the same as yesterday–still thinking a quick half inch to 2 inches (don’t think we’ll see any 3 inch totals). Regardless, it’s not the snowfall AMOUNT that matters, it’s all about impact and we’ll see a brief period of some winter weather impacts early this afternoon.

Timing looks like this:

IMPACT TIME: 12 noon-4pm


Again, not a big storm, but a quick impactful snow that will zip through the Region before we improve later today!

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