Lake Effect Snow Tonight Into Friday

We’ve now transitioned to lake effect snow showers and flurries as colder air flows over our relatively warmer Lake Michigan water. We’re not expecting a robust lake effect event by any means, but we could still see some decent snowfall rates within the bands of snow that do develop.

As of this update (Thursday evening) the heaviest lake effect snow showers are moving right into Chicago on our northeast fetch. We’re seeing lighter snow showers and snow flurries extending into portion of Lake and Porter counties.

Overnight, our wind will begin to shift and we’ll likely see some of these snow showers push into Lake County and eventually Porter/La Porte counties throughout the day Friday. Accumulations will be minor by lake effect standards, but we could squeak out a few inches (likely in the 1-2-3 range) where bands persist. Highest totals will likely shape up in Cook County and Lake County:


The lake effect snow will gradually diminish with another wave of snow possible (mainly south as of now) on Saturday and yet another storm system with snow (and some rain) on it’s heels for Sunday! Busy pattern! We’ll pass along updates as needed.


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