Accumulating Snow Likely Wednesday-Thursday

Boy, there’s a phrase that hasn’t been used much this winter. Accumulating snow.

The old groundhog predicted an early Spring, meanwhile Mother Nature is saying, “That’s cute”.

Here we go! Let’s get into the details.


After our multi-day “warm spell”, colder air will begin spilling south tonight into the Ohio Valley. A sharp boundary has already set up between the warmer, spring-like air to the south and the colder, February-like air to the north.


It’s this boundary that will be the focus for several waves of moisture to travel over the next few days. Take a look:



Rain and snow will be ongoing with this system to our southeast beginning to tonight as the steady stream of moisture begins.


We could see a few rain/snow showers as we head throughout the day but the next surge of moisture is what we’re concerned with and that arrives Wednesday.

Snow will develop and overspread the Region later in the day Wednesday through Wednesday night as another wave of low pressure develops along that boundary we’ve been talking about. Snow will likely come down at a good clip at times and combined with a gusty wind (nothing crazy, but still gusty), we could see travel issues develop in a hurry for the Wednesday evening rush hour. Snow will continue at times Wednesday night into Thursday before the system quickly departs.


Behind the system we’ll keep an eye on lake effect snow chances as renewed cold air and lingering moisture will be in place producing a few bands of snow.


It’s early in the game, but this has the look of a 3-6 inch snowfall as of now for a good portion of the Region. This WILL change as we continue to draw closer to the storm and we’ll finetune “who gets what” as it’s possible not everyone sees totals in that range. But that’s what we’re thinking now…


Snow begins Wednesday afternoon-evening and goes through Thursday midday. Will have to watch for potential lake effect snow afterwards would could last through Friday.


We get this question a lot and decided it would be good to let you know what we’re locked in on and what is still questionable with the forecast as it’s different with every storm system.

We’re pretty confident in the path of this storm so there’s that.

Snowfall amounts could fluctuate based on the exact amount of moisture that gets thrown into this storm. A general 3-6 looks good now, but may need tweaked as we get closer to the event.


For the entire month of January we only received a few inches of snow, down some 8-14 inches from average for the month depending on where you are located. (snowbelt vs non-snowbelt)

But February is now here and those that have lived here long enough know we can get some decent snowstorms this time of year as the jetstream patterns begin their SLOW transition to spring and involve moisture from the Gulf and cold, Canadian air.

Should be interesting. We’ll keep you updated, as always.


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