Accumulating Snow Sunday Night-Tuesday


After a quiet set of days weather-wise, our pattern will become busy again as several storm systems will traverse the United States over the next week.

The first will roll through over the weekend with the bulk of the activity expected well east of here. We could see a light wintry mix Saturday before we quiet down Sunday.


The storm behind that looks to bring more of a widespread impact to much of the country with severe weather on the warm side of things and an swath of accumulating snow on the northern side. We’ll easily settle on the colder, northern side of things but the question is: how far north does the snow make it?

Still lots of questions with this one in terms of the usual track, intensity, and exact locations of the heaviest snow, but models have done a nice job settling on the look of the system.

Here’s a look at how the storm system evolves:


In terms of snowfall, it’s still early in the game, but here are what the models have as of Friday night. These totals are from Sunday night-Tuesday





Notice how none of the amounts are overwhelming–this is a decent storm, but nothing that will be remembered beyond December 🙂 The track of the heaviest snow will likely move north and south over the coming days and we’ll also keep an eye on the intensity which will dictate how MUCH snow falls in the main corridor. We’ll keep you updated!


One thing is for sure, we have colder air on the way once again behind this storm. Temps look to remain below average for the majority of the week!


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